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Patrick's recent book, A Practical Guide to Mindful Meditation, can be found at


"Patrick Kearney is the best mindfulness teacher it has been my experience to work with. I appreciate the depth of his insights into the Buddha’s teaching, meanings that have resonated with me personally. Few teachers can help smooth a student’s own experience with mindfulness practice as he does. Last, and hardly least, Patrick has a huge heart, and this manifests in all his teachings. I cannot recommend a workshop with Patrick Kearney highly enough."

Kit Laughlin
Creator of Stretch Therapy and author of two best-selling books, Overcome Neck & Back Pain and Stretching & Flexibility, along with numerous DVDs, videos and articles. His website is found at

"As a Business Coach/Consultant, Mindfulness Practice has enabled me a significant clarity of mind in decision making for my own business decisions and those of my clients. It has also facilitated a greater insight into my own business and personal purpose, develop a greater empathy for others, and has been a significant help in growing my emotional intelligence. These traits have enhanced my leadership capability.

"I have worked with Patrick over a 6 year period and his lifetime of knowledge and experience enables him to deliver his Mindfulness training and coaching in a simple, concise, and practical way."

Steve Goddard
Director, Acuity Coaching and Consulting Chairman, CPS Capital

"Patrick has been my teacher and Mindfulness guide for many years now. Drawing on a rich and complex breath of knowledge, both as a practitioner and an academic, he presents the philosophy and skills of Mindfulness in an openhearted, clear, often humorous and always compelling way. It is always a joy to benefit from his teaching"

Rita Young
Somatic Psychotherapist | Mindfulness Teacher
Sydney Mindfulness Training

  1. fundamental nature of reality.
  2. one's response to that nature; duty.
  3. the teaching of the Buddha.

[Origin: 1790–1800; < Skt: custom, duty, akin to dharayati upholds, maintains]

  1. a reception room in a house.
  2. a hall or room for the practice of dharma.
  3. an assembly of guests in such a room, esp. one consisting of those interested in society, philosophy, politics, Buddhism, etc.

[Origin: 1705 - 15; < F < It salone, equiv. to Skt & Pali sala hall] sa.lon
A place where friends gather to practise and discuss the Buddha's Dharma.

Recommended Readings
I have often been asked to recommend books or other materials regarding different aspects of Buddhism. Here is my list of recommended readings, both paper and online. Have a look and see if anything interests you.