Patrick will be taking a sabbatical in the second half of 2020,
from late June to early February 2021.
There will be no teaching engagements during this time.

31 January – 21 February 2020: Satipatthana retreat at Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre, Medlow Bath NSW
This three-week retreat emphasises the cultivation of a felt continuity of awareness by tracking the elemental flow of experience that lies beneath our habitual concepts and reactions. As a longer retreat, it is suitable for experienced practitioners. BMIMC is a small and comfortable centre located in the upper Blue Mountains. It provides an intimate and supportive atmosphere for intensive meditation practice. For more information about BMIMC, visit their website.

Please note that if the retreat is fully booked, you may be able to gain entry because some people book early to ensure they can attend if they can, and then drop out towards the retreat dates as they realise they cannot get away.

Cost: $1,350 + dana. See the dana page for information about dana.

Further information & bookings: For further information, contact , or phone +61 2 4788 1024. To register for retreats, refer to the Centre’s retreat booking page. The Centre’s postal address is: 25 Rutland Road, Medlow Bath NSW 2780.

21 February 2020: Exploring the Meditation Experience - A public talk at the Buddhist Library, Sydney
In meditation we cultivate our mind by developing particular mental qualities such as energy, mindfulness, concentration, and so on. Discerning what is happening in our mind as we practise meditation is an important part of its craft. Tonight we will explore four qualities that are present in every meditation experience. These are awareness, perception, feeling and attention. We will see if we can tell what role they play in our practice, and this may help us discern the kind of meditation technique that is best suited to each of us.

Where: Buddhist Library, 90-92 Church St, Camperdown, Sydney, N.S.W. 2050.

When: Friday 21 February 2020, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Cost: By donation.

Registration & donation: See the Buddhist Library's registration page.

29 February – 7 March 2020: A retreat at the Forest Meditation Centre, The Channon
In this retreat we will practise mindfulness meditation (satipatthana) as taught by the Buddha, with an emphasis on the first satipatthana, mindfulness immersed in body. The five physical senses ground us in the here-and-now and give us a foundation for exploring the sixth sense, heart/mind.

The retreat gives an opportunity for beginners to become firmly established in their practice and for experienced students to deepen their understanding.

A practice workshop each morning will take you through a graduated presentation of mindfulness practice, starting from the very beginning. A dharma talk each evening will deepen the understanding you gain from the practice.

Patrick will lead a bodywork session in the early morning as part of mindfulness of body. Participants should wear loose and comfortable clothing for these sessions.

The Forest Meditation Centre is a beautiful and rustic retreat centre in the forest outside Lismore. Facilities are simple and accommodation is a mix of camping and meditation huts.

Cost: $480 + dana. See the dana page for information about dana.

Further information & bookings: Emma Pittaway.

27 – 29 March 2020: Serenity & Insight – A public talk and weekend workshop in Canberra
The Buddha compared meditation to a bird in flight, and a bird needs two wings to fly. These wings are serenity and insight. Serenity concerns the state of our heart, the degree to which it is calm, composed, peaceful and tranquil. Insight concerns the state of our mind, the degree to which it is clear, discerning, understanding and mature. Together, serenity and insight give us a framework for cultivating the whole person. During this weekend we will explore early Buddhist teachings on serenity and insight, and apply them to our own practice and personalities. How do these two wings feel within our own hearts and minds? Where do our own inclinations lie, toward serenity or insight? As we become familiar with how these wings move our own lives, we discover much about how we ourselves face the world.

Public Talk: Friday 27 March 2020 7.30 - 9.00 p.m.

Weekend Workshop : Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 March 2020 9.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing, suitable for yoga/bodywork, and to bring your own cushions and other preferred supports for meditation practice. Chairs will be available.

Costs: $10 Friday evening public talk only.
$50 Saturday only.
$60 Friday evening & Saturday.
$120 full weekend (Friday - Sunday), or $100 early bird if booked by 31 January 2020.

Dana: The above charges cover the costs of hosting the weekend. Patrick will receive dana in return for his teaching. There is an opportunity to provide dana via Eventbrite when booking your ticket. Envelopes are also provided during the workshop. See the dana page for information about dana.

Catering: Morning tea will be provided. To keep costs, down, lunch is BYO.

Venue: Mackillop House Conference Centre, 50 Archibald Street, Lyneham, ACT 2602.

Tickets via Eventbrite.

For further information contact or .

9 – 22 May 2020: The way of mindfulness: A satipatthana retreat at Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS), Taiping, Malaysia
This retreat will explore mindfulness meditation (satipatthana) as taught by the Buddha. We will emphasise the first satipatthana, mindfulness of body, as the foundation of our practice. Our relationship with the five physical senses grounds us in the here-and-now, and provides the basis for our exploration of heart and mind. The retreat will provide an opportunity for beginners to become firmly established in their practice, and for experienced students to deepen their practical and theoretical understanding.

SBS is a monastery and retreat centre located in the hills above Taiping, located near the west coast of peninsula Malaysia about 100 km south of Penang. The venue is beautiful and the community is very supportive. This retreat provides a taste of meditation practice when it is firmly embedded within its tradition.

Cost: As SBS is a Theravada Buddhist monastery the retreat is held on a dana, or “gift,” basis. See the dana page for more information about dana.

Information & bookings: For general information about SBS, see their website. For information about the retreat, and to book your place, email the . You can also phone SBS directly, at +60 175 182 011 (mobile) or +60 111 601 1198 (mobile & whatsapp) during office hours (Monday to Saturday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Malaysian time).

Booking from overseas: Local participants cannot book for the retreat earlier than two months in advance. If you are coming to the retreat from outside Malaysia, and therefore need to organise your travel before then, please write to the Retreat Centre Coordinator at SBS (email address is given above) and explain your situation. She will ensure a place is reserved for you. Please copy in on the correspondence. SBS will send you an application form once bookings officially open.

5 – 19 June 2020: Satipatthana retreat at Kallara Conference Centre, Strathbogie Victoria
This retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. The retreat opens with the Queen's Birthday long weekend (for all states except WA and Qld). Participants can come for the long weekend, or for the first week, or for the full two weeks. The two-week segment is suitable for experienced practitioners. Kallara Conference Centre is deep in a typically Australian countryside, surrounded by natural beauty, wildlife and neighbouring farms. It is quiet and peaceful, and out of mobile range! Accommodation is in single or shared rooms.

The retreat is organised by the Melbourne Insight Meditation Group (MIMG). Bookings will open about three months before the retreat. For further information, email the or visit their contact page.

5 February – 5 March 2021: Four-week retreat at Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre (BMIMC), Medlow Bath NSW
This longer retreat is suitable for experienced practitioners.

Details regarding costs and registration have not yet been provided. They will appear on the BMIMC website.