9 – 18 August 2018: Satipatthana retreat at Bodhi Zendo, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India
This retreat at Bodhi Zendo will introduce you to the practice of mindfulness meditation (satipatthana) for the cultivation of serenity (samatha) and insight (vipassana). The meditation method originates with Mahasi Sayadaw of Myanmar. Please note that this means that it is not the method you would be familiar with if you have attended a S. N. Goenka retreat.

We will explore the nature of meditation on the basis of the Buddha’s instructions as found in the Pali suttas, the earliest and most complete records of his teachings. Each morning we will introduce a new aspect of the practice, supported by meditation experiments and group discussion, and in the evening we will have a dharma talk that will provide a wider view of the Buddha and his understanding of the world.

The retreat will be held in silence. It is structured by alternating periods of stillness and movement practices, of 45 minutes duration each. A daily period of guided stretching will help the student adapt to the physical demands of the retreat. Regular private interviews will provide individual guidance on the details of your practice. There will also be a daily period of manual work (seva) to help in the running of Bodhi Zendo. Stay at Bodhi Zendo is in comfortable single rooms. Three nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals are offered. Tea/Coffee will also be offered twice a day

About Bodhi Zendo: Bodhi Zendo is a Zen meditation centre situated in Tamil Nadu, South India, in the upper Palani Hills at an altitude of about 1700 m, about 100 km north-west of Madurai (National Airport). The nearest village is Perumalmalai, and the nearest town is the hill resort of Kodaikanal (15 km). Airports closest to Kodaikanal are Madurai, Coimbature and Trichy, and railway stations are Dindigul and Kodaikanal Road. Buses operate to Kodaikanal from Chennai and Bangalore.

For more information about Bodhi Zendo, visit their website.

Cost: INR 850/- per day. Please note this is a not-for-profit retreat and that the fee covers the basic costs of accommodation, food, and the teacher’s travel expenses from/to Australia. A limited number of need-based half scholarships are available. Please send us an email if you would like to apply for a scholarship.

Information & bookings: Email . Or you can phone Keshav at +91 9819 670768 or Kavya at +91 9312 806280.

5 – 14 October 2018: Satipatthana retreat at Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre, Medlow Bath NSW
This retreat emphasises the cultivation of a felt continuity of awareness by tracking the elemental flow of experience that lies beneath our habitual concepts and reactions. It is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. BMIMC is a small and comfortable centre located in the upper Blue Mountains. It provides an intimate and supportive atmosphere for intensive meditation practice. For more information about BMIMC, visit their website.

Please note that if the retreat is fully booked, you may be able to gain entry because some people book early to ensure they can attend if they can, and then drop out towards the retreat dates as they realise they cannot get away.

Cost: $835 + dana. See the dana page for information about dana.

Information & bookings: For further information, contact , or phone +61 2 4788 1024. To register for retreats, refer to the Centre’s retreat booking page. The Centre’s postal address is: 25 Rutland Road, Medlow Bath NSW 2780.

27 – 28 October: Two Days of Mindfulness at Kuan Yin Meditation Centre, Lismore
This non-residential retreat will deepen your experience of mindfulness meditation (satipatthana). Mindfulness leads to insight (vipassana), deep seeing into the nature of experience. We will cultivate mindfulness through sitting and walking meditation, and the ordinary activities of daily life.

Cost: $10 for one day; $15 for two days. This pays for the event itself. In accordance with Buddhist tradition, Patrick’s teaching is provided as a gift, and an opportunity to return this gift, in the form of material support, will be offered on the day.

Information & bookings: Contact .

2 – 11 November 2018: Satipatthana retreat at Buc Lin Meditation Centre, Buckland Park, Adelaide
This retreat will explore the four applications of mindfulness as a basis for serenity and insight. It is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. The retreat is being organised by the Buddhist Society of South Australia. Please note that it is an eight-precept retreat – i.e., there will be no food served after midday.

Cost: $360, or $310 concession, plus dana. See here for information about dana.

Information & bookings: Bookings will open on 1 May 2018. For further information, Ven. Santacari.

5 - 18 December 2018: The way of mindfulness: A satipatthana retreat at Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS), Taiping, Malaysia
This retreat will explore mindfulness meditation (satipatthana) as taught by the Buddha. It will provide an opportunity for beginners to become firmly established in their practice, and for experienced students to deepen their practical and theoretical understanding. The practice will cover mindfulness of body, mind and emotions, and explore possibilities of transformation in the way we live our everyday lives.

SBS is a monastery and retreat centre located in the hills above Taiping, located near the west coast of peninsula Malaysia about 100 km south of Penang. The venue is beautiful, and the community is very supportive. This retreat provides a taste of meditation practice when it is firmly embedded within its tradition.

Cost: As SBS is a Theravāda Buddhist monastery, the retreat is held on a dana, or “gift,” basis. See the dana page for more information about dāna.

Information & bookings: For general information about SBS, see their website. For information about the retreat, and to book your place, email the . You can also phone SBS directly, at +60 5841 1198 (office) or +60 175 182 011 (mobile) during office hours (Monday to Saturday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Malaysian time).

Booking from overseas: Local participants cannot book for the retreat earlier than two months in advance. If you are coming to the retreat from outside Malaysia, and therefore need to organise your travel before then, please book by contacting as well as the Retreat Centre Coordinator at SBS. He will co-ordinate with SBS to ensure a place is reserved for you. You will then be sent an application form from SBS once bookings officially open.

25 January – 22 February 2019: A one-month retreat at Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre, Medlow Bath NSW
This one-month retreat provides a rare opportunity to go deep into the practice of satipatthana, the practice of continuous awareness of the flow of experience. The retreat is suitable for experienced practitioners, who are used to intensive retreats.

BMIMC is a small and comfortable centre located in the upper Blue Mountains. It provides an intimate and supportive atmosphere for intensive meditation practice. For more information about BMIMC, visit their website.

Cost: The cost has yet to be established.

Further information: BMIMC at , or phone +61 2 4788 1024.